History of California Dip

So confession time.....I HATED this dip. I know this dip as "the onion soup mix dip" and it was always at every family function when I was a kid in the eighties and nineties. The problem is that my mother loved it so every time there was a moment that called for a dip guess … Continue reading History of California Dip

The Gelatin Diaries: Deviled Egg Mold

So today I learned a very important lesson in the power of words. Last month when I made the Jell-O vegetable salad, I mentioned that though this was my first savory Jell-O salad I pulled out of the jar that at least it wasn't yet the deviled egg mold.  So of course the universe, who … Continue reading The Gelatin Diaries: Deviled Egg Mold