So…..I am Bonnie. I love most things vintage but in no way wants to give up modern luxuries either. I have been obsessed with all things food since being a wee young lass.  I was always helping out anybody I could in the kitchen until I finally started taking over.  Mwahahahaha total kitchen domination!  I am an avid cookbook collector both vintage and modern.  When out shopping, if there is a cookbook in the vicinity you know I have found it!

I started this blog for two reason. The first is that I amassed a wealth of handwritten recipes and cookbooks from yesteryear and I NEVER cooked or baked from them.  Oh I had great intentions.  I would pour over the recipes and pictures with lofty dreams of making many of the recipes. Of course I never did and therefore I created this space to push me to actually use them.  The second is to find like minded people who love old recipes, vintage kitchens and have some great discussions along the way.

So what can you expect on Quaint Cooking? I will be writing about the histories of some popular dishes as well as about cookbook authors and cookbooks.  Of course there will be old recipes. a classic movie or two and vintage menus. Oh and the good and the bad side Jell-O will definitely be seen around these parts because you can’t talk vintage cuisine with some sort of gelatin salad!

If you are interested in old cookbooks I do have an etsy shop: http://www.quaintcooking.etsy.com

You can also following me on Instagram: @quaintcooking.



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