So…..I am Bonnie. I am a vintage loving gal who also completely loves the modern world. I have been obsessed with all things food since being a wee young lass.  I was always helping out anybody I could in the kitchen until I finally started taking over.  Mwahahahaha total kitchen domination!  I am an avid cookbook collector both vintage and modern.  When out shopping, if there is a cookbook in the vicinity you know I have found it!

Besides my strong love for all things vintage food/kitchen related, I also sew, quilt and knit.  My goal is to finally knit a sweater (because that’s what you need in Florida) and sew the vintage patterns I’ve collected over the years.  When not doing one of my many crafts, you can find me binge watching Netflix  or playing video games (Fallout, Mass Effect and Dragon Age FTW!).  Though to be warned, I am usually way behind everybody on TV shows, video games or anything super popular much to the annoyance of my sister and brother.

I live in Florida (originally from Connecticut) with a American bulldog/jack russell mix named Kingston who is either sleeping or getting in shenanigans with his partner in crime, mystery mix dog Griffon.

My etsy shop – http://www.quaintcooking.etsy.com




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