Mrs. Beeton’s Fish

This week’s pictures are from Mrs. Beeton’s All-About Cookery which was first published in 1861.  My copy of this cookbook is most likely from the 1930s, as much to my chagrin, I can’t seem to find a official date.  The only clues I have are the advertisements inside as well as one written recipe that has 1938 written on it.

This is some pictures of some rather classy looking fish dishes.  In case you can’t read that beyond small typeface at the bottom of both the pictures the fish dishes shown are: Boiled Turbot, Dressed Crab, Boiled Salmon Trout, Pickled Mackerel, Boiled Brill and Scalloped Cod’s Roe.

One takeaway seems to be boiled fish.  I’m quite familiar with shrimp and other shell fish boils but never have I thought to boil fish.  Still not sure if I would just more having a rambling observation.  Anyways have you even  had boiled fish?  Do you love shrimp boils as much as I do?  How about Pickled Mackerel?  Its another item I have never had and never thought of pickling me some mackerel.


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