Quaint Cooking: A New Beginning


Just a very small portion of my vintage cookbook and recipe box collection.

I like vintage. I have an appreciation for it and finding excitement for it online is not hard.  On Instagram and YouTube, I follow many lovely women and men that adore the clothing, the decor and the music.  I can find followers of rockabilly, art deco and the swinging jazz.  I have witnessed dedicated passion for vintage sewing, hair and decor but I very rarely find my people.  Who are they you ask?  I want the people who understand the excitement of finding a copy of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook at a thrift store.  I want the people who, when watching an old movie, tries to figure out what the food the characters eating.  I long for the people who crave the history behind some of the most iconic foods, brands, chefs and food writers. Someone who gets excited for seeing a Sunbeam stand mixer with the milk glass bowls. In short, I want to find my kindred spirits when it comes to vintage cooking and kitchen.

So, by now I’m sure you guessed what the blog is about.  When I first started Quaint Cooking, I knew what I vaguely wanted to talk about but I hadn’t figured out the how. I had a decent collection of cookbooks and booklets as well as a several recipe boxes full of old handwritten recipes. I had books about the history of food so the ideas were just gonna come flowing in naturally or so I thought.  Of course, with no surprise I’m sure to any one that with this sort of non-meticulous planning, the blog sort of ended up grinding to a halt. So now after giving it some time and thought, I have the ideas and what better time to start fresh than the New Year.

On this blog, I’m will be writing about the histories for popular foods and recipes as well as the origin stories of brands, iconic cookbooks and forgotten authors that were popular in their day but have now been forgotten by most.  There will be recipes, photos and maybe even a menu or two. I want this to be a place of discussion, appreciation and maybe some light ribbing about the food of the past. If all that sounds interesting, then join me on this vintage food journey. (If you listen to the You Must Remember This Podcast, I totally felt a little like Karina Longworth after that line.)


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