The History of Three Bean Salad

This is not a salad I grew up with at all. I actually did not even know three bean salad existed until I moved to the South in my teen years and saw it on the shelves in grocery stores. My mother was known for her macaroni and potato salads which were often requested for … Continue reading The History of Three Bean Salad

History of Tomato Soup Cake

I will admit this particular post gave me some trouble. I have had the research, recipe tested and photos taken for about two months now but every time I have tried to write the post I go blank. I am finally glad to have this done and posted! Tomato soup cake is not a cake … Continue reading History of Tomato Soup Cake

Swiss Fondue

When we hear the word fondue, this is the fondue most of us think about. This cheesy concoction actually started to become popular in the 1950s when it was introduced to New York City diners by the restaurant Chalet Swiss. As a result, the fondue pot started becoming a popular wedding present for the '50s … Continue reading Swiss Fondue