Liza Minnelli’s Potato Shells

Liza Minnelli is the daughter of famous movie actress and singer, Judy Garland and director of some of the best musicals, Vincent Minnelli.  Liza is also in one of my favorite movie Cabaret and this is her recipe for the decadent Potato Shells.  These are not your normal potato skins which is usually topped with … Continue reading Liza Minnelli’s Potato Shells


Champagne Fizz and Blue Cheese Balls

Yesterday I talked about the 1956 musical High Society and today I am following up about the cocktail and canape that I made to go with it.  I knew something champagne had to go with this movie which was a good call as that champagne was drunk quite a bit by the characters.  I found a … Continue reading Champagne Fizz and Blue Cheese Balls