The Intimate Dinner Party

Caption in  Recipes for Entertaining says: Cook Chicken-Steak Almond at the table in a wok or an electric skillet for an intimate dinner for four.  Accompany with crispy chow mien noodles, steamed rice, Cucumber-Radish Plate, and warm sake. Sometimes when looking at the group shots in cookbooks, I can't help but let my mind conjure … Continue reading The Intimate Dinner Party

A Memorable Birthday Party?

Caption Reads - A Memorable Birthday Party: At refreshment time, serve gaily decorated Drum Cake and Cherry Shakes.  Fill the take home favors with an assortment of candy. I think your child might be taking home more than candy from this party.  This is suppose to be a storybook themed party but I'm not sure … Continue reading A Memorable Birthday Party?