A Memorable Birthday Party?

FPOW 11-29-18

Better Homes & Gardens: Recipes for Entertaining, 1972

Caption Reads – A Memorable Birthday Party: At refreshment time, serve gaily decorated Drum Cake and Cherry Shakes.  Fill the take home favors with an assortment of candy.

I think your child might be taking home more than candy from this party.  This is suppose to be a storybook themed party but I’m not sure what stories these parents have been reading.  The two costume kids looks like a beginning of a horror story.  Like Johnny come play with us and we will be your best friends.  You don’t need the grownups.  We can eat drum cake and cherry shakes all the time just come to us.  Follow us deep into the woods Johnny.

Also, I feel like little Johnny is one of those unlucky kids that have their birthday land in December.  As that is the only reason why I can wrap my head around the red and thoroughly awesome tree in the background as well as the Santa candy in the little drums. His parents are like everyone is here anyways on Christmas so we will just do both at the same time.  So that is why poor little Johnny is playing all alone in his birthday corner while everyone else is celebrating Christmas not noticing that two creepy demon kids are trying to steal their young sons soul.

This picture was completely random in Better Homes and Gardens Recipe for Entertaining.  I was just flipping through looking at the nice 70’s style photography of food in darker more earthy color tones and then BAM this picture.  It was like the  Sesame Street song “Which of these things do not belong?”.

So what do you think of the storybook theme?  Are you as unnerved as me over the two costumed kids/demons?  Do you think that is an excessive amount of balloons?



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