1930s Witches Donut Delight and Cauldron Punch

Like I promised yesterday when I gave a 1930s doughnut recipe, here is a super-easy way that a 1939 newspaper article offered up to give a doughnut a special twist on Halloween plus a 1930s punch recipe. Also if you want to read about Halloween and the doughnut the blog post is right here. First up is … Continue reading 1930s Witches Donut Delight and Cauldron Punch

1930s Doughnuts Recipe

Last year I wrote about Halloween and the Doughnut. If you are interested in reading it I will link it here. Basically, it talks about how the doughnut was quite a Halloween tradition from at least the 1930s. I didn't include a doughnut recipe last year because of the crazy year that was 2020 and just … Continue reading 1930s Doughnuts Recipe