1970s Thanksgiving Menu: The Dessert

I have been working my way through a 1970s Thanksgiving menu from Southern Living: The Holiday Cookbook. The last part of the menu of course is dessert. Unlike the dessert part of the 1963 Thanksgiving menu, I did last year which consisted of mincemeat pie, hard sauce, and coffee, this one was just simply a pie called spicy squash pie. … Continue reading 1970s Thanksgiving Menu: The Dessert


1963 Thanksgiving Menu: The Main Course

If you haven't been following along, last Friday I talked about how I made a whole Thanksgiving menu from the 1963 Better Homes and Gardens Birthdays and Family Celebrations. On Tuesday, I talked about the appetizers. Today I will be sharing the main course which had the following items on the menu: roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green … Continue reading 1963 Thanksgiving Menu: The Main Course