1970s Thanksgiving Menu

Last year I followed a Thanksgiving Menu from the 1963 Better Homes and Gardens Birthdays and Family Celebrations. I had quite a bit of fun and decided that I would do it again. So early this year I had picked a menu from the 1950s but with everything going on this year it was not so easy to gather the items for the tablescape I wanted to do. Not wanting to cancel doing a Thanksgiving Menu, I decided to switch it to a 1970s menu as my mother already had Pyrex and dishes from that time period that I could use. So enter Southern Living: Holiday cookbook


Southern Living: The Holiday Cookbook

So what is on the menu? (click on the recipes with asterisks to go the post that includes the recipe)

1970s Thanksgiving Menu

Hot Spiced Vineyard Cup*   Smoked Salmon*

Main Course
Harvest Apple Salad*     Turkey with Gravy     Dressing*
Parmesan Beans with Croutons*
Sweet Potato-Stuffed Apples*

Pumpkin Pie*

I will admit I did have to omit three dishes but I had good reasons. First, there was a cream of pumpkin soup that was part of the starters. I don’t know if it is the same where you live but finding canned pumpkin was quite hard this year. I was able to get a can for the pie and that was it. The second was the Virginia sweet pickles. This was due to time. I made the change to the new menu at the last moment because I did not have the few weeks it would take to make homemade pickles. Lastly was the corn soufflé because no one has time to fuss with a soufflé on Thanksgiving. It was as simple as that.


So the rest of the week will be the posts about the individual recipes. Last year I split it up with an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert post which is what I will do this year. I know this is a little late doing it on the week of Thanksgiving but you know it is the strange year of 2020.


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