1958 Thanksgiving Menu

This is the 4th annual Thanksgiving menu and that is a little mind-boggling to me! If you are new to this blog, every November I write about following a vintage Thanksgiving Menu. It all started with one from 1963 and since then I have done menus from the 1970s and the 1930s. I quite enjoy them even though these posts can be a bit stressful.

This year I made a menu from 1958. It comes from a Cook Index recipe box by the Tested Recipe Institute that I found at an antique store. It is a plastic box full of fairly simple recipes to follow. I guess you would not expect any less from someplace called the Tested Recipe Institute. It is similar to the Better Homes and Gardens Creative Cooking Library  or the McCall’s Great American Recipe Collection as the different sections could be bought separately at your local grocery store.



Cook Index Recipe Box Newspaper Ad 1959

In the box I found a card with six different menus for Thanksgiving dinner. I will admit that this year I combined two menus as both had recipes I have already covered in a Thanksgiving menu such as Waldorf salad. This a fairly straightforward menu that was quite easy to pull together. Just like in years past, I will be doing separate posts for the starters, main course, and dessert. The items with the asterisk next to them will have a recipe included in the post. So here is what was on the menu:

Shrimp Cocktail*

Main Course
Roasted Turkey     Stuffing*
Quick Cranberry Sauce*     Mashed Potatoes
Deviled Brussels Sprouts*     Minted Carrots*
Celery     Olives

Mincemeat Squares*     Vanilla Ice Cream      Coffee


The rest of the week I shall be posting the recipes and my thoughts on the whole ordeal!

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