The History of Harvey Wallbanger Cake

I did not grow up with this cake. As a kid the name thoroughly confused me, I never understood why someone would eat something called Harvey Wallbanger. Actually both my parents who became tweens in the early 1970s did not grow up with this cake either. They both hail from working class blue-collar families so … Continue reading The History of Harvey Wallbanger Cake

1970s Thanksgiving Menu: Appetizers

So as I mentioned here, I made a 1970s Thanksgiving menu from the Southern Living: The Holiday Cookbook. Today I will be talking about the appetizers or starters, if that is more your jam. On the menu was originally smoked salmon, cream of pumpkin soup and hot spiced vineyard cup. Like I mentioned in that … Continue reading 1970s Thanksgiving Menu: Appetizers

McCall’s Great American Recipe Collection

In the mid 1970s, Bicentennial fever swept the nation which celebrated the 200th anniversary of the United States becoming an independent nation. There were special quarters, half dollars and dollar coins minted between 1975 and 1976. Cities around the country had celebrations and fireworks. Museums such as the Smithsonian had special exhibits.  Even Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading McCall’s Great American Recipe Collection