1963 Thanksgiving Menu: The Appetizers

As I explained last Friday, I am making a whole Thanksgiving menu from the 1963 Better Homes and Gardens Birthdays and Family Celebrations. First up on this menu, or any menu really, are the appetizers. On this particular one, they were the tomato starter - hot or cold, curried wheat bites, melon pickles and assorted … Continue reading 1963 Thanksgiving Menu: The Appetizers

Mish Mash Dip

Yesterday was all about the 1956 teen movie Rock! Rock! Rock! and today I will be talking about the dip I made to go with it. It is called Mish Mash dip. I found it while doing research for California Dip in a 1950s newspaper article. The name is what drew me to it as … Continue reading Mish Mash Dip