Poppy Cannon and The Can Opener Cookbook

"It is quite possible-and it's fun-to be a 'chef' even before you can really cook." -Poppy Cannon Poppy Cannon was a popular yet kind of forgotten culinary fixture of the 1950s. She was a tall and glamorous woman who worked both in advertising and journalism. She was married to NAACP leader Walter White, who was … Continue reading Poppy Cannon and The Can Opener Cookbook


History of Peach Melba

When I was younger Peach Melba was a dish that held such mystery to me.  What was a melba and how did it connect to the peach?  I was quite surprised when I found out as I got older that it was a pretty simple dessert! Who and where was the Peach Melba created?   … Continue reading History of Peach Melba