The History of Waldorf Salad

This was the salad that accompanied the 1963 Thanksgiving menu that you can read about here, here and here. I did not grow up eating this salad. This was another dish that in my young mind sound so fancy and complicated. Surely a salad link to such a high class hotel had to have such … Continue reading The History of Waldorf Salad

The Gelatin Diaries: Vegetable Salad

The day finally came..... Today is the day that I picked a savory gelatin salad out of the jar.  Luckily (...sort of I guess) it was a simple salad that just mixes some raw veggies into the gelatin mixture that is flavored with vinegar and grated onion. So no crazy deviled egg or seafood gelatin … Continue reading The Gelatin Diaries: Vegetable Salad