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1930s Better Homes and Gardens

I love the vintage kitchen.  I am always amazed at what they were able to accomplish without most of the modern conveniences of today.  Its sometimes hard to imagine a life without food processors, refrigerators, blenders and dishwashers. I love finding old booklets giving housewives recipes to show the range of these items as they became standards in kitchens.

Its also interesting looking at the food trends.  The menus and tastes that were so popular then that we now may turn our noses up at.  Can you imagine a Victorian era person getting handed a plate of buffalo chicken wings complete with blue cheese dressing (or ranch I’m down with both)?  Or us getting served up the very popular turtle soup or mutton in return? How about serving the ever popular jello molds of the fifties and sixties that sometimes had chicken and veggies or other savory ingredients suspended in colorful gelatin?  Could you imagine the polite comments that you would get while your guest cleverly tried to avoid it?

I am an avid collector of not only vintage cookbook but recipe boxes filled with handwritten and clipped recipes out of numerous periodicals of yesteryear.  Those give such an insight to what type of chef and cuisine that particular home cook was interested in.  As well, I am a sucker for old vintage church and charity cookbooks.  If you really want to know what a particular region was cooking at a certain time period these little treasures will give you all that information. Of course you would only give you tried and true best recipes to committees in charge of putting together these cookbooks.  They were some of the earliest ways to #humblebrag about your delicious cooking.

This blog will be my attempt to find kindred spirits who get excited at avocado refrigerators, vintage food photography and quaint recipes and drinks that may have gone slightly out of fashion. I will share my vintage cookbook finds, do a little cooking from bygone times, and definitely mix a vintage cocktail or two.

So thanks for taking the time to check out Quaint Cooking and my reading my first blog post.  Here’s to many more!


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