To Pickle or Not to Pickle?

FPOW 11-8-17

Pickle in a Poke – Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book, 1965

Caption on the picture reads “All you do to make Pickle in a Poke is to cover a line-up of fat dills with juicy hamburger steak, then cook in foil. Slice to serve – everyone gets a round of beef with a bull’s-eye of pickle”. Serving suggestions was serve it like meatloaf or tuck into buns like hamburgers.

Not sure how I feel about this one.  On one hand if someone told me that they were putting a whole pickle in the center of a meatloaf, I would nope out of that meal so quick.  On the other hand is it really different than a hamburger with pickles on it?  Also I hate to admit that but the verbiage of “a line-up of fat dills” makes me immaturely giggle.

What do you think about putting a pickle in the center of a meatloaf?  Do you think its genius or completely insane?  What do you feel about pickles in general?



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