Ring of Meat

FPOW 11-15-18

Blue Cheese Slaw, Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book, 1965

The caption on the picture in the Barbecue Book reads: Blue Cheese Slaw – an old favorite with a new serving idea.  Fold big bologna slices or other round ready to serve meat into ruffles.  Cheese spread helps hold them together.

This is what I love about the 60s.  They always have to be extra.  Blue cheese slaw is already over the top and high on strong flavors with not only the blue cheese but pimiento and green onion.  Then someone at Better Homes & Gardens dared to dream.  They couldn’t just put out a lovely bowl of homemade slaw.  That was not enough anymore. This was 1965 y’all.  Then out of the corner of their eyes they spot that package of bologna and they knew what they had to do.  Crown that glorious blue cheese slaw with a ring of lunch meat held together by cheese spread.  Oh but they were not done.  Oh no.  A few slices of hard boiled eggs with a sprinkle of paprika and the greatness was finished.

So how do you feel about the ring o’ lunch meat surrounding the slaw?  Or slaw? Or blue cheese?


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