California Boos Florida Oranges


source: The Deseret News, Salt Lake City October 25, 1940 by Damon Runyon

Quick recap for those who find the print too small: This is a 1940’s tongue in cheek article written by newspaper man and short story writer, Damon Runyon. It was a witty intervention over Californians supposedly booing Florida orange juice while watching a travel short of the sunshine state that was shown before a feature movie.  According to the article that once the Floridians got wind there were ruffled feathers and investigations ordered though I have a feeling that this was inflated a bit. Runyon being a man who has spent time in both states and at the time was living in Florida was called in to assess the damage done. He offers to quell the drama by saying that the Californians could have been booing and hissing as many things. First they could have thought it was their own juice as you can’t tell one orange’s juice from another. Or they could be gearing up and practicing in case they had to boo the feature film.

Thoughts on the article: I am pretty sure that  most the reported even event was exaggerated especially with Runyon’s tone throughout. If it is true that Florida got super angry, I would blame it on the times and lack of distractions such as TV, internet and social media if I haven’t observed people now literally get into heated debates on pineapple belonging on pizza, where ketchup should be stored and what constitutes a sandwich. The article did make for a good read and a chuckle especially as someone who resides in Florida.


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