Edward G. Robinson’s Baked Noodles

Edward G. Robinson was an actor who had a career spanning over 50 years as well as a political activist. He is most known for his gangster roles in movies. He has quite an impressive filmography that includes such movies as Key Largo, Soylent Green, Little Caesar and Smart Money. Double Indemnity is my favorite … Continue reading Edward G. Robinson’s Baked Noodles


Angie Dickinson’s Honeymoon Sandwiches

Angie Dickinson is an actress whose career in both film and television has spanned six decades. She refused to fall into the platinum blond bombshell role and is known for roles in movies such as Rio Bravo, Big Bad Mama and Dressed to Kill as well as the television show Police Woman. Also she has a … Continue reading Angie Dickinson’s Honeymoon Sandwiches