Pamela Mason’s Bean Salad

Pamela Mason was a British-born actress who starred appeared in both British and American movies most often under the name Pamela Kellino. Many of these films were with her husband at the time James Mason such as I Met A Murderer, The Upturned Glass, and Lady Possessed. She also did some screenwriting as well as … Continue reading Pamela Mason’s Bean Salad


Frances Dee’s Orange Cake

Frances Dee was an actress during the golden era of Hollywood. Her first major role was starring opposite Maurice Chevalier in the 1930 Playboy in Paris. Before that, her roles were uncredited bit roles. She also starred in Little Women with Katharine Hepburn, Of Human Bondage and Payment on Demand with Bette Davis, I Walked With a Zombie, and Becky Sharp with Miriam Hopkins. Also, … Continue reading Frances Dee’s Orange Cake