The Mexicali Casserole

The Original Caption Reads: Almost every ingredient in Mexicali Casserole is an emergency shelf item that can be easily stored for unexpected company. Trim with snipped parsley. See recipes like this is the reason why the 1960s get a bad rep. Well that and savory jello salads.  It is comprised of a random handful of … Continue reading The Mexicali Casserole


The Intimate Dinner Party

Caption in  Recipes for Entertaining says: Cook Chicken-Steak Almond at the table in a wok or an electric skillet for an intimate dinner for four.  Accompany with crispy chow mien noodles, steamed rice, Cucumber-Radish Plate, and warm sake. Sometimes when looking at the group shots in cookbooks, I can't help but let my mind conjure … Continue reading The Intimate Dinner Party